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The 7th Conference of the International Society
For Applied Phycology

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MoBiol has prolific scientific knowledge and technological base in microalgae department, such as establishing culture technologies matching for various microalgae species, and developing innumerable unique and innovative technologies to produce lipids, feeds, fertilizers, fuels and high-value products from microalgae.
We work together as a MoBiol Group to achieve these goals through our business headquarter, MoBiol Holdings Pte Ltd, our first regional partner, PT MoBiol Algae Indonesia, and our R&D company, MoBiol corporation.

Algae, 3 billion years into the Future

Using our innovative algae technology, we can achieve:

  • Production of high-value algae-based products, creating vast-growing new industry and market
  • Purification of POME resulting in nature conservation.
  • Reduction of methane gas emission, greatly contributes to the prevention of global warming in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Paradigm shift in palm oil industry; main income shifts from palm oil to algae-based products using ByLPO
  • Sustainable palm oil-algae biomass production system complied with most of 17 SDGs 2030 goals